Tom Basham

Before I Go To Sleep

In This Just OUT on November 3, 2014 at 7:16 am

Before- I -Sleep-PosterEven though she got the restraining order, I was able to see the new Nicole Kidman movie “Before I Go to Sleep” today. Now I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight.

Christine (Nicole Kidman from “Stoker“) wakes up every morning with no memories of her life or her husband of 14 years who is sleeping next to her. She has what’s called “Drew Barrymore Disease” from the Adam Sandler Movie “50 First Dates.” Naturally, this story picks up 10 years after that movie, with a major nod to “Memento.”

Christine’s husband, Ben (Colin Firth from “Magic in the Moonlight“), has all kinds of notes and pictures around the house to let her know what is going on. Most days she just wanders around the house looking for her 26-year-old face in the mirror and all she can find is her 40-year-old mug.

One day, right after Ben leaves for work, the phone rings. It’s Dr. Nasch (Mark Strong from “Anna”), who tells her to get the camera hidden in her bottom drawer. There she finds a video journal she has kept for two weeks explaining the bits and pieces of her life she has put together. The doctor has been treating her and doing a little detective work as well. Soon she does not know who she can trust – including the doctor. She starts to think Ben must be some kind of a saint, or perhaps there is something else going on. You start to think Ben should leave her since she would not remember him the next day anyway.

Director/Writer Rowan Joffe (“Brighton Rock”) does a fine job with the S. J. Watson novel, and we soon forget about the charming silliness of the Sandler movie. We are left with a fair little mystery like we used to see on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” I would have liked to see more actual drama and less melodrama, but I am used to wanting more.

It was nice to see Colin Firth not be so nice so my wife can see his true nature. For that I must give this movie 3 stars out of 5. If you wake up next to Nicole Kidman just tell her you are Adam Sandler and fix her an omelet for breakfast.

Tom Basham is an indie filmmaker. Here is a link to his movie review site:

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