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In This Just OUT on July 17, 2015 at 2:17 pm

Trainwreck_posterI just saw “Trainwreck,” and it is very touching and off the rails funny. So get your ticket, climb aboard and enjoy the ride of your life.

Amy (Amy Schumer from “Price Check“) learns at a young age that relationships don’t last. She does the “walk of shame” like she’s curing cancer and expects nothing more out of life than a good time and that a little penicillin will solve all her problems.

As a magazine writer, she is assigned to write a story about Aaron (Bill Hader from “The Skeleton Twins“) who is an ace sports medicine doctor. Amy plays her own game when Aaron asks her out on a date. The problem is he is a decent guy who likes her, and that’s just not in her playbook. This is a girl-meets-boy story where the traditional roles are reversed. Aaron is the one who has not dated much and Amy is the one that does not want to settle down. Aaron is all buttoned down and professional while Amy goes through life in a sorority girl/Holly Golightly kind of way.

Amy is uncomfortable with real intimacy where each person cares deeply about the other. She is always on the lookout for that first bump in the road, like an argument or complaint about her drinking or inappropriate comments. She knows it’s coming, as she knows she is not the kind of person who nice guys will put up with. She has stolen that move from guys where you don’t break up with someone, you just behave so horribly that they will break up with you.

What makes this movie so unique is that all the relationship dynamics are funny, and I mean slap-your-knee funny. It’s grounded so well in the characters that even when it is sad, it’s funny because it rings true.

This movie has everything, including Lebron James, who plays Aaron’s friend and confidant. Somehow James does not seem out of place as he steals every scene he’s in like it’s Game Seven. I will let you be surprised by all the cameos in the movie that add something to the piece without falling into cliché.

I can’t ignore that Judd Apatow (“This is 40”) is at the stick in this out-of-control locomotive of laughter. Like any great artist, he works with great subjects and his fingerprints are in the funny, shaded by the tender moments that make us care about what happens to these people. While I usually get a good chuckle at a comedy, I have to admit that I laughed so hard at this movie that I could not breathe. This has not happened in decades, and for that I must give this movie 4 ½ stars out of 5. Finally, a romantic comedy where the funniest moments are not in the trailer.

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