Tom Basham

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

In This Just OUT on August 1, 2015 at 3:17 pm

Mission Impossible-PosterI just saw “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” and the movie is as long as the title. This is the one where Jeremy Renner “rides bitch” and Cruise shows him how it’s done.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise from “Edge of Tomorrow“) is on his own crusade against a mysterious terrorist organization known as The Syndicate. After an already leaked, harrowing plane sequence, Ethan goes to a record shop to get his next mission. This was just like an old episode of the TV show, as I recently watched the first two seasons from 1966. That’s the kind of dedication and research your humble reviewer goes through for you. The message is not from his MI superiors; it’s from the head of The Syndicate, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris from “Deliver Us From Evil“), announcing his plans to destroy all the MI agents.

The Syndicate captures Ethan and brings in Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson from “Hercules”) to interrogate. We are not shocked to find she is a double agent doing a triple play with some fantastic quads. At this moment, it felt like a James Bond move with the hot babe agent you don’t know if you can trust. From this point on it’s a two-person movie with the rest of the old MI gang just laterally along for the ride. When I saw that Alec Baldwin (“Aloha) was playing CIA Chief Hunley, I worried that I could only see him as a buffoon. Fortunately that’s just the role they wrote for him here.

This was an action-packed roller coaster with twists and turns and romps across the globe to exciting locations. Hunt defies all forms of transportation in the air and the water. There is the impenetrable place they have to get into and get out of with the McGuffin. It was all so frenetic and fantastic and forgettable the moment I walked out of the theater. A pure action movie that was more like a “Bond” or a “Bourne” movie than the old television series. This is not a bad thing, just a sign the studios think the only way to get you in the theater is under a proven brand name.

Director/writer Christopher McQuarrie (“Jack Reacher”) has had a hand in many of the Tom Cruise vehicles lately. He writes really good movies, but I want to see him get back to the unique and interesting kind of work he did in “The Usual Suspects.”

This was a good popcorn movie with some cool stunts and effects where we never forget we are watching a movie star who cannot lose or die. For that I must give this movie 3 ½ stars out of 5. I am sure the next installment will be Mission Impossible: This One Is Really Impossible – Really!

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